Boarders Beads

Logo design
Stamp design

Brand pattern
Brand Character

Handmade with love & a ton of beads

Bringing the core material to the forefront of this brand, this 'confetti' identity is intended to show just how personal this craft really is, where every single bead is sewn in by hand to create beautiful sets of earrings sold by Boarders Beads. 

Imagine the workspace set-up for this craft; beads scattered everywhere until the final product is created. This identity is supposed to feel very true to life.

Cheeky messaging (by yours truly) alongside hand-rendered logos fuse to drive home this handcrafted feel.

Brand stationery and identity for Boarders Beads
Logo design and brand identity for Boarders Beads
Brand stationery and packaging for Boarders Beads
Brand stationery for Boarders Beads
Character illustration for the brand identity of Boarders Beads
Brand stationery for Boarders Beads
Brand stationery for Boarders Beads

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